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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bargraph widget

The version 2.0 of the bargraph is located here : I add more effects and it is more easy to configure with a table of settings :-)

While looking at an old hifi system with green and red equalizer, I tried to do the same with cairo. But with the powerful of cairo, we can do more than simple bar graph. So I wrote this script, really simple to use even if there are 20 parameters to set. But as you can see on the picture, the effects are well rendering!

22. Feb 2020:
I just updated the widget so it can receives not only conky stats but also numeric values.
For use with conky stat :
equalizer('cpu', 'cpu0', ...
for use with numeric values:
equalizer('', my_value, ...

I'have done that because I wanted to retain previous values from conky stats in order to display a progressing graph like on this video :

It's absolutely useless, isn't it !

The code for the video is on the crunbang forum.

28 Feb. 2010:
I renamed the widget from 'equalizer' to 'bargraph'

Last version can be downloaded from ubuntu forums : here

Happy conkying!

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