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Monday, March 1, 2010

Bleeding heart ...

I made this amazing heart with a Lua script. The verticals lines are linked to some conky variables (cpu, download speed ...).
It's up to the user to choose the shape he wants to draw, for example a breathing heart :

Well, I am not specially interesting by hearts but I tried to adhere to the theme of the conky contest of this month : Saint Valentine's Day/Massacre. So, if you like this script, you can vote for it on the conky blog here.

A last video made with the same script :

All the stuff can be downloaded from the ubuntu forum : here. There is also an HOWTO if you want to draw your own shapes!

I think, I will stop with this moving stuff for a while !

Happy Conkying ! And if someone can explain me the difference between "bleeding" and "bloody" ...


  1. bleeding is when blood is coming out of a wound...
    as in "I am bleeding"
    bloody is when something has blood on it as in
    "the knife was bloody"